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The Orbotron 9000

The Orbotron 9000 is a DB9-serial-to-HID converter originally designed for the Spacetec SpaceOrb 360 but can be flashed to support any DB9-based peripheral. It was created to give a new lease on life to older, but still useful, peripherals.


Plug and go! The Orbotron 9000 comes preflashed with a basic joystick sketch which will turn a SpaceOrb 360 into a six-axis sixteen-button device. In Windows, it will appear in your game controllers applet:

To get the most from your Orbotron 9000, though, you'll need to install the Arduino environment and drivers/software.

To install the Arduino environment, go to the Arduino Download site and download the software (the present version of the Orbotron software works with Arduino 1.0.3).

The current software is maintained in the github repository here. Download the current release as a zip file by clicking on this button:

Extract the “hardware” directory into your Arduino directory and merge it, so that under “Arduino_1.0.3\hardware” you should now have an “Orbotron” directory.

Drag the “Libraries” directory into your Arduino sketches folder (under Windows, probably “My Documents\Arduino”) and merge it.

Lastly, install the driver; it's located in the hardware\orbotron directory. Unfortunately, with Windows 7 and 8, you'll have to jump through some hoops to install an unsigned driver. There are plenty of guides on the web for this; one of the best is here.

For more, read about Orbotron 9000 Programming and Concepts

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