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#1 FAQ

The edge buttons DO work–they just do chording! The two edge buttons choose the “page” for the face buttons. Try it and if you really really don't like having 16 virtual buttons available and want the original 6, see the Github wiki below!


To the WikiTron 9000, repository of knowledge.

Well, actually no! This is dated from the last version of the Orbotron software, and quite honestly I'm not up to the task of maintaining a wiki and discussions in a self-hosted fashion, although I'll disable new users and leave the historical version up for a while.

In the mean time–we're on to bigger and better things! Since the Orbotron software is now CircuitPython, open-source, and more editable than ever, we're using discussions and the wiki over on Github. Get thee hence!

(the links on the left are all historical from the old, pre-version-3 orbotron, but if you're using one with a USB-C connector, you've got the V3, with CircuitPython and this is all useless here. Go to the github wiki!)

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